Kawaii Art Party



Come celebrate your birthday Kawaii style! If cute is your thing then this is perfect for you! Let us host your celebration. 

This party lasts two hours long and can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time.

Every guest has a chance to make an oven bake kawaii miniature and screen print their own shirt (with a kawaii design of course!). 

Need to know:

-We supply everything you need to make art.

-You can bring your own food/snacks and drinks, and of course we have plenty of space for candle blowing and present opening! 

-Ages 7+ , Adult supervision is required.

-Wear clothes that can get stained because we are going to get messy!


**MINIMUM 6 GUESTS PLEASE!  Prices include all supplies, free invitation pack, a tshirt, and clay miniature!

10 guests (and under)              $35 per person

11-20 guests                              $28 per person

21-30 guests                             $22 per person