Birthday Packages (in-studio)

Our birthday party packages have been created with FUN in mind! We have all the supplies you need and we will even clean up the mess afterwards! Come experience a one of a kind art birthday party for someone you love (yes that includes yourself). All of our parties are customizable to your needs and age groups, and everyone will leave with lots of art and memories. All parties include the space rental fee, one of the themes below, and cool art projects based on your chosen theme (that all of your guests can bring home!). Our birthday parties cater to ages 2 years and up.

Bring your own food, cake and gifts bags. We will provide 2 tables for you to use in a separate room to put your food and snacks on. We also have a freezer for your ice cream cake! Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled birthday party to set up your food etc. You must provide all of your own plates, cups, cutlery, etc. (and don’t forget a knife to cut your cake and bring a lighter for candles!)

Our birthday parties were designed for 12 participants and last 2 hours. The first hour is for fun art and projects, the second hour is for food, gifts, and cake!

Choose your themes here:

Art Play


Ages 2-6 years, adult supervision required

For this theme, it’s all about process art play! We will have 7 open-ended activities set up for the children to dive into as soon as they get in the door. We will have a potion making station, clay sculptures, open-ended painting on a watercolour paper (every child gets to paint and bring home an 8 x 10 water colour paper,) salad spinner art to make and bring home, painting and washing unicorns, ponies, insects, or dinosaurs (or all!), dye painting on hanging fabric, and ice and salt sculpture painting. There is no formal instruction for this birthday party, staff simply guide and encourage creativity so each child can freely explore all the stations at their interest and pace. These activities will be available for the duration of the party, after the first hour of the birthday, the remainder of the party is used to have food, cake, and opening gifts.

Tie Dye and Splatter


Ages 7+, adult supervision required

Tie dye is an old-school good-time! Keep the mess out of your house and let’s have a tie die party at The Art Lab. Everyone gets a T-shirt. Here is what typically happens at a Tie Dye Birthday :

As everyone arrives we have tie dye paint spinner art to keep us busy while guests arrive. When everyone is there we start Tie Dye!! We provide one t-shirt per participant, and offer various sizes, everyone will bring their t-shirt home with care instructions. After we tie dye we splatter paint to some fun music! When that is done we usually have about 45 minutes left for food, cake and gifts :). You guys pack up your things, and we will clean up the mess so you can continue celebrating your day!

Fairy Garden


Little Fairies Ages 5-8 , adult supervision required

Our Little Fairy themed party is so magical! We make fairy wands, fairy houses, paper woodland flower crowns, mini fairy gardens, and fairy dust necklaces.

Fierce Fairies Ages 9-13, drop off encouraged.

Our Fierce Fairy party is one step cooler than our Little Fairies party. For this theme we use glue guns and hemp for flower crowns, We make layered dust vile necklaces. Fairy houses are a must, and we make funky wands!

These activities usually last up to roughly an hour, the remaining hour is for food, gifts, cake and presents!

Slime And Splatter


Ages 6+, adult supervision required

It’s Slime Time! This party is a gooey fun mess! The birthday person gets to choose between white glue slime (super stretchy and best for younger slimers) or a clear glue slime (sooooooo beautiful and clear but a little more sticky and difficult to handle!).

Salad Spinner Art will be set up for guests to play with while everyone arrives, along with our glow in the drank stairs and graffiti wall. When everyone has arrived IT’S SLIME TIME!

The best part is decorating, colouring, and playing with our slime! We will be blowing bubbles with our slime, mashing it, making fart noises, and of course stretching it as far as we can! When that is done we usually have just enough time to splatter paint before having food, cake and gifts :). You guys pack up your things, and we will clean up the mess so you can continue celebrating your day!

Potions and Science


Ages 4+, adult supervision required

Art and science make the best experiment. Come on out with your fellow scientist and artist friends for an afternoon of colour mixology in the Art Lab. As guests arrive we will already have everything set up for them to begin exploring right away. Here is what will be waiting for you to do for the first hour:

Potion Table (choose between a slime potion, nature potion, or a fizzing lemon potion)

Salt and Ice Rainbow Glacier

Frozen Rainbow Ooblek

Salad Spinner Art

Splatter Painting

Artful Desserts


Ages 4+

What’s more fun than paint? FLUFFY PAINT IS! Each guest will have the opportunity to mix up their own batch of fluffy paint to cover a mini faux cake with. We will also be decorating our cakes, making faux fillable candy necklaces, and we will have a clay mini doughnut table.

Galaxy Party

Pour Painting and Splatter


Recommended for ages 6 and up

Unpredictable yet incredibly beautiful when finished, mesmerizing and therapeutic to try. Come and enjoy this experience at The Art Lab, where you can try this technique without worrying about the mess, the stress and the supplies.

You will walk away with:
two beautiful 8x10 canvases ( 1 pour painting and 1 splatter painting) *please note there may be a 1 day drying time so you may have to pick up your canvases on another day if it does not dry in time.

Recommended for ages 5 and up

“And the stars look very different today.” - David Bowie

Calling all astronauts! Looking for a party that is out of this world?! Come and learn how to make a cool galaxy painting for your room! We will also be making galaxy in a jar necklaces, and some clay planets.


All parties are a flat rate of $349.99+HST

*50% deposit is required for all parties. 


You can download our fillable birthday invitation by clicking here. Send us an email at with any questions or comments. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Would you like to spice up a party at your home or venue by having the Art lab join your party?

We would love to be part of your special day! We will pack up our supplies and come to your location for one hour of fun art! You must supply space and all tables and chairs to accommodate each child participating. There must be a minimum of 10 participants, and we can accommodate up to 30 at on time. We require 30 minutes of undisturbed set up time prior to our scheduled start time.

Each child is $25 (tax included).

If you have LESS than 10 participants the party is still available for a flat rate of $220+. Unfortunately, no discount is available for smaller parties.

(If your party is located outside of Windsor, we charge an additional $50 travel fee for gas and staff time).

Choose between the following options:

  1. SLIME PARTY 5+ For this theme, each child will design and decorate 2 batches of Gooey slime! We will bring all of our bowls and ingredients and have a messy good time. Everyone will choose their own colours, glitter, and other slime accessories to complete their concoction. Every child will take away a sticker decorated jar of slime to take home with them filled with a white glue slime, and a clear glue slime.

  2. TIE DYE PARTY 6+ Time to get groovy! Every participant gets a T-shirt and we bring everything you need to turn your white shirt into a bright colourful work of art. We will be demonstrating different ways to tie your T-shirt’s, and helping tie them up of course. For this theme, we need access to water to wet our shirts. We will be providing care instructions and bags for the participants to bring home their shirts in.

  3. ARTFUL DESSERTS PARTY 5+ Let’s mix up some fluffy paint, paint and decorate mini faux birthday cakes, and create sand layered milkshakes! This party will make you crave some cake!

  4. GALAXY PARTY 5+ Calling all astronaughts! Learn how to make a cool galaxy painting for your room! We will also be making galaxy in a jar necklaces, and some clay planets.

  5. POUR PAINTING 7+ This party is for the more sophisticated artist who wants a quality piece of art to hang after the party. Learn the cool method of pour painting, because its a WOW every time. This is so fun!!

  6. POTIONS PARTY 4+ ABRACADABRAH! Let us bring our magical potions to your party. We will make 3 potions, a scented potion, a fizzing lemon potion, and a necklace potion so you can wear your magical powers. We will be making magic wands to activate our potions as well. ** If a child has numerous allergies I would not recommend this theme, as it does include various food items.